The Best Commercials of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get hungry.

ByABC News
August 4, 2016, 9:02 AM
Michael Phelps stars in a commercial for Under Armour ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Michael Phelps stars in a commercial for Under Armour ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Under Armour

— -- Much like the Super Bowl, the Olympics brings a slew of interesting and exciting commercials.

From those that bring a tear to your eye to the witty charm of ads that make you crack up laughing, there's something for everyone.

The 2016 Rio Olympics are no different. Icons like Lindsey Vonn, Missy Franklin and Michael Phelps are all getting some time in the spotlight yet again.

Here's a handful of great commercials to check out:

Reese's, "Team USA with Lindsey Vonn"

Hey, even Winter Olympians can enjoy the Summer Games.

P&G, "Thank You, Mom"

Get your tissues ready, this one is uplifting, but will bring tears of joy.

Under Armour, "Rule Yourself"

Hey, remember this guy? Yep, the great Michael Phelps is back in the pool and back in ads for Rio. It feels like a final goodbye for the legend.

Visa, "Carpool Anyone?"

This ad is all about getting together for gold. Plus, can't you just listen to anything Morgan Freeman says?

Hershey's, "Hello from Home"

This commercial is the best intersection of an ad with a kind gesture for an athlete far from home.

You'll need those tissues again for this one with Paralympian, Mallory Weggemann.

McDonald's, "#FriendsWin"

The food giant is coming with a fun campaign looking to unite the world.

Minute Maid, "#Doingood"

Try to watch Missy Franklin's parents talk about their daughter and not shed a tear.

United Airlines, "One Journey, Two Teams"

Missy is back in the fun montage of all the American teams set to compete.

Gillette, "Perfect Isn't Pretty"

It's darker, think "Batman v Superman," but still inspiring nonetheless. Also Sia is rocking it here.

Samsung, "The Chant"

This is just cool. It honors South Sudan's first Olympic team competing in Rio.

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