Bill Murray Crashes 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' in a Dress

The acting icon crashed Kimmel's show to take shots and talk March Madness.

ByABC News
March 20, 2015, 9:35 AM

— -- So, that just happened.

Bill Murray took over "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday night, wearing a dress and riding in on a horse in celebration of the show’s filming in Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest.

"He is a one-man festival on his own," Kimmel said before Murray took the stage. His entrance was nothing short of glorious.

"You look very pretty," Kimmel said.

Next, Murray revealed his NCAA bracket for March Madness and took a shot of tequila with the host.

The segment wasn't over. Murray spoke about his son, who coaches college basketball.

Murray said he calls his son during the games to give him tips, but he's a little busy.

"I see the phone ringing [on TV] in his pocket and he's not answering his phone," Murray said.

Yep, there was more. Murray and Kimmel checked out various Murray products, like a pillow with his face on it.

Here's a few more gems to watch: