'Black-ish' Lauded for Police Brutality Episode 'Hope'

"They are not just children, they are black children," the father says.

— -- The sitcom "Black-ish" tackled a more serious issue on its episode "Hope" last night -- police brutality. And pundits from sites like the Washington Post and Entertainment Weekly have applauded how the show stayed true to its brand of humor while tackling race relations in America.

EW writer Keertana Sastry wrote that "In one swoop, the series tackled police brutality with an incredible balance of depth and brevity that proves comedies can handle difficult subjects as long as they are done with a steady hand."

The Washington Post praised the ABC show for "staying true to its roots."

"They are not just children, they are black children and they need to know the world they are living in," Andre says in one scene.

"I just want to give them a little faith in the world," Rainbow says later on. "Help them hold on to their innocence and be kids a little while longer."

The official "Black-ish" Twitter account shared clips from the show's most crucial points and quotes -- serving as good starting points for debates at home, possibly among other families watching.

Fans on Twitter and social media also lauded the show for keeping true and yet educating its fans.

Anderson also retweeted a lot of the kind words fans sent his way.

Ross did the same. "LOVE all around" she wrote last night.

"Black-ish" is a show on ABC, part of the ABC family, which includes ABC News.