Why ‘Bloodline’ Actress Linda Cardellini Bought a Bug Suit

Linda Cardellini filmed in the Florida Keys and had to buy a bug suit.

“One of the cameramen had a suit from head to toe of net, and he was the only one who survived without a bug bite, so I got online that night and ordered one. It looks pretty ridiculous but it saves you,” she added.

Cardellini’s character is the youngest of four siblings of the clan. Their long-buried secrets surface when Danny Rayburn, Meg’s brother, returns home.

The series has been praised by critics, and many have made favorable comparisons between “Bloodline” and the hit series, “The Sopranos.” Asked how she felt about that, Cardellini replied: “Wow I think that's enormously flattering and that's great. This show's about a family as well, so I think that's where the comparisons come, and it's very layered and explores different family dynamics.”

“It's such an incredible cast and anyways it's about this family, and how nobody is what they claim or think that they are,” Cardellini said.

All 13 episodes of “Bloodline” are available now on Netflix. The series has been renewed for a second season.