'Blossom:' Where Are They Now?

Check out the 'Blossom' cast then and now

ByABC News
April 10, 2012, 4:52 PM

April 11, 2012 — -- intro: Mayim Bialik made waves across the Internet recently, not for her role on the hit CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory," but for her startling admission on the Kvell website that she still breast feeds her 3-year-old son as part of her "attachment parenting" philosophy. In honor of finally realizing that the former teen star of "Blossom" is all grown-up with kids, let's see how the cast has fared since the show ended in 1995.

quicklist: 1title: Mayim Bialiktext: Bialik first came to fame as a fresh-faced teen with a penchant for flowered hats as the title star of "Blossom." After the series' five-season run, Bialik escaped the child-star curse and according to her website went on to study Neuroscience at UCLA, where she received her Ph.D. in 2007. Although Bialik took a break from acting as she finished her studies, she returned to the small screen with her role as the nerdy Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS' "The Big Bang Theory." In addition, Bialik has just released a new parenting guide book "Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide To Raising Confident, Loving Children The Attachment Parenting Way" that draws on her experiences raising her two young sons. media: 16109520

quicklist:2title: Joey Lawrencetext:With his trademark "Whoa!" Joey Lawrence stole the show as the dreamy older brother of Bialik on "Blossom." In his post "Blossom" years Lawrence shaved off his trademark locks and reappeared on silver screens in a very different format for the 2006 season of "Dancing with the Stars." In 2010 Lawrence joined teamed up with fellow 90's teen star, Melissa Joan Hart in the ABC Family sitcom "Melissa & Joey." media: 16109499

quicklist: 3title: Ted Wasstext: After his role as Blossom's musician father ended in 1995, Ted Wass transitioned to the other side of the camera by becoming a successful director of television shows. According to IMDB Wass most recently directed multiple episodes of "Two Broke Girls" and "Rules of Engagement." Wass also had a mini "Blossom" reunion, when he directed Joey Lawrence in episodes of "Melissa & Joey." media: 16109455

quicklist: 4title: Michael StoyanovText: On "Blossom" Stoyanov starred as Tony, Blossom's formerly drug-addicted oldest brother. According to IMDB during his post "Blossom" years Stoyanov went on to guest star in a number of television shows including "Prison Break," "Monk" and "The Mentalist." Stoyanov also had a small role as one of the Joker's henchmen in the opening scene of "The Dark Knight" in 2008. media: 16109466

quicklist: 5title: Jenna von Oÿtext: After initially getting her start at age 6 in a Jell-O commercial with Bill Cosby, Oÿ gained her big break as Blossom's fast-talking best friend Six LeMeure. After "Blossom" ended, Oÿ went back to the silver screen with a role on UPN's " The Parkers." According to Oÿ's website in the years since "The Parkers" ended in 2004, Oÿ has appeared as a guest star on series including "Cold Case," "Seventh Heaven" and "Chicago Hope." Oÿ is currently expecting her first child with husband, Brad Bratcher. media: 16109510