'About a Boy' Actress Minnie Driver Sued for Allegedly Disrupting Neighbors' Construction

Lawsuit against actress Minnie Driver claiming she is disrupting neighbors.

The 74-year-old disabled veteran and his wife have filed a lawsuit against Driver, alleging the movie star is “verbally harassing” the couple and construction workers and “blocking access” to the Perelmutters’ property.

Driver “has intentionally trespassed on and interfered” with the Perelmutters’ effort to build a home on their property since they started construction last year, according to court documents, filed May 6 in Los Angeles.

Perelmutter alleges the English actress, 46, allegedly obstructed construction efforts first with an electric gate, to which the actress then failed to provide Perelmutter access, and later disabled the gate entirely. Thereafter, according to the documents, Driver began blocking access to the construction site with her vehicle.

“We lived in peace in that neighborhood forever until she moved in about a year and a half ago and since then it’s been hell,” Daniel Perelmutter told reporters.

Perelmutter claims in his suit that Driver threw “baby food jars filled with black paint against the walls of the home.”

The two neighbors have a history of discord and animosity. Earlier this month, police were called to intervene in a domestic disturbance between the two outside of their Hollywood homes.

“She started screaming and yelling," Perelmutter said of the encounter. “It’s a hatred, not a dislike; it’s a hatred from the gut.”

The “About a Boy” star claims Perelmutter has been aggressive against her family. Last year she got a restraining order after claiming Perelmutter made her and her children “fearful of leaving or entering [their] home.”

A court summons for Driver was issued Friday, and the two are set to go to trial in August.

Driver's attorney, Ellyn Garofolo, told ABC News that other neighbors who share the same driveway have had similar issues with Perelmutter and will join Driver in the case against him.

Garofolo added, "Evidence that will be presented will speak for itself."