Bruce Jenner Olympics Wheaties Boxes Selling for Hundreds on eBay

One person on Twitter asked for $500 for the box.

The cereal company’s “Breakfast of Champions” salute to Jenner first appeared in 1977 after his decathlon triumph at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. When Jenner took home the gold medal, he was crowned an American hero and afterwards, endorsement deals and appearance opportunities poured in. His likeness became a nationwide brand, including being featured of the front of the famous Wheaties box.

A search on eBay returned about a dozen listings for the Jenner Wheaties box itself, a Wheaties cereal box cover towel and magnets. One eBay listing for the box, which said it was in “new” condition, had up to 25 bids for over $260. Another listing for a box listed in “mint” condition also had up to 25 bids and was going for $200.

Another collector on Twitter asked for $500 for the box.