See a New, Buff Jerry Ferrara From 'Entourage'

Turtle from 'Entourage' is jacked!

-- Turtle is jacked!

First actor Chris Pratt went from pudgy to ripped, and now Jerry Ferrara of "Entourage" fame is doing the same thing.

The actor, 34, posted a picture to his Instagram account earlier this week and captioned it, "WARNING. MAJOR MEATHEAD #FLEXIE PHOTO ABOUT TO POST... Yup there it is."

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The picture is a collage of him while lifting weights and looking really buff with a sleeveless shirt.

Previous posts show Ferrara lifting some serious weight!

"I can move weight sometimes... Obsessed with the training at @unbreakableperformance ! @jordanfperform killed me. #fitness @jayglazer," he wrote last month.

Variety reports that the actor is getting buff to play former boxer Arturo Gatti in an upcoming biopic.