Candace Cameron Bure Makes No Apologies for Being 'Outspoken About My Faith'

The actress says "DWTS" taught her to "stand up for her convictions."

But today on “Good Morning America” she says this book almost didn’t happen.

"And these were not just lessons about being on a reality show or a dance show. These were life lessons I’m going to take away forever. It changed me.”

“Because I’m pretty outspoken about my faith, I think a lot of people were worried about me going on the show and saying, ‘Oh, those costumes are so sexy, and how are you going to be dancing with someone who’s not your husband?’” she explained on “GMA.” “And I went, ‘Well, I know who I am in my faith and I think I can do this show and display all the things that I value and stand up with those convictions and stay true to myself. And I did.”

Bure says she wrote about how she handled those situations “because there was criticism on both ends from people who share my Christian faith and then people who don’t.”

“You really have to have courage to even be on this type of show,” she added. “It pushed me out of my comfort zone, something I never thought I would do. And because it gets so rough, you have to stay the course. You always have the option to drop out if you really want, or to quit. And it takes a lot of courage to stick through it and stand with conviction and that was really the biggest platform I wanted to share.”

“This show really revolves around the three of us women, DJ, Stephanie and best friend, Kimmy Gibbler,” Bure said. “We’re all moms now and I’m playing a single mom raising three boys. And Kimmy has a daughter. This journey is really about three women. It’s a little flip-flop of the original show.”

The cast and audience alike are enjoying how nostalgic “Fuller House” is for everyone.

“We’ve taped two episodes already and it’s been amazing,” she said. “The fans that have seen the live tapings are just -- we’ve had people crying seeing us all back together and how nostalgic the show is.”

Reuniting with the former cast members has been a great experience because “we just picked up right where we left off,” Bure said. “We’ve been friends forever, so for us it’s really normal to hang out. And the jokes from 20 years ago were right back there.

“It was crazy and insane in the sense that we all had to stop for a moment and say, ‘We’re all back here and we’re together and we’re doing this.’

“It’s a little bit déjà vu in the best way possible,” she added. “None of us want it to end.”