Chris Harrison says Nick Viall might be the first Bachelor 'to be left at the end'

PHOTO: Nick Viall on "The Bachelor."PlayPhillippe Bosse/ABC
WATCH In 'The Bachelor' finale, Nick Viall finally finds love

TV host Chris Harrison dished on what fans can expect during tonight's highly anticipated season finale of "The Bachelor," saying that Nick Viall "might be the first Bachelor in the history of this entire franchise to be left at the end," in an exclusive interview with "Good Morning America" that aired today.

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"And believe me when I tell you he knows that," Harrison added.

Viall is hoping to finally find love after being rejected during two previous "Bachelor" cycles.

In a sneak peak of the finale, he says that he has been "falling in love" with someone for a "very long time."

"I feel like sometimes I've been fighting it, and I'm not fighting it any longer," Viall said. "I am going to ask her to marry me, and my only fear now is what if she says no?"

"If I leave here alone, I'll be devastated. I'll be heartbroken," he added.

Harrison told ABC News that he "was not surprised by Nick's decision."

"He's narrowed it down to two incredible women," Harrison added of Viall's final two, Raven and Vanessa.

"They could not be more different, these two," Harrison said. "Different walks of life, different worlds, different accents, different everything. But both check off boxes — to be so crass — of things that mean a lot to him.

"I am stunned that Vanessa made it this far. She is a brilliant woman, and I think sometimes her brain just gets the best of her," Harrison said, adding that he would describe Raven as "apple pie."

PHOTO: Nick Viall holds a ring in this clip from The Bachelor. ABC
Nick Viall holds a ring in this clip from "The Bachelor."

"What I find fascinating about this show is the capacity for people to love more than one person at a time," Harrison said. "We all have this capacity to do it. I just don't think we allow ourselves, because it's taboo."

To find out whom Viall picks, tune in to the season finale of "The Bachelor" tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.