Chris Harrison speaks out as 'Bachelor in Paradise' season premieres after controversy

Chris Harrison said the night that production stopped was "emotional."

Production for the reality TV show was shut down in June after two days of shooting due to claims of sexual misconduct.

"You will see that Corinne and DeMario, other than the fact that they were very involved in this, had very little to do with the entire incident as far as filing a complaint or allegations against one another," Harrison said.

"And that's what created this frustrating situation," the host said. "It was someone who really wasn't there and didn't see or hear anything that kind of got this ball rolling, and so it was kind of this domino effect that I guess led to us having to finally say, 'Look, we need to take everybody's safety and that is the utmost importance.'"

"Bachelor in Paradise" aired the arrival of Olympios and Jackson in Mexico, along with the rest of the cast, and showed the pair spending time together in the first episode. But producers confirmed to ABC News the show will not air the controversial footage of the incident and that neither Olympos nor Jackson return to the show.

Harrison said that the night of the production shutdown was emotional and "frustrating."

"First of all it was frustrating. It wasn't exactly clear what was happening," he said of the decision to halt production.

"There were tears shed," he said. "When you have three to four hundred people whose jobs were on the line, and a lot of us take it very serious the fact that the cast and the people that we bring on the show, their safety and protection, we care about these people and so the fact that there were allegations that these people's safety were put in jeopardy by them, now you're questioning people's loyalty and questioning their integrity and so there were a lot of emotions going on that night. It was a wild night."

Harrison said the show has been in contact with both Olympios and Jackson, and the two will get a chance to clear the air on the show.

"Corinne and DeMario have not been in contact with each other ... What you will see in the coming weeks and actually in a week, you're going to see a sit-down with both of them. You will see Corinne and DeMario both get a chance to talk to say whatever they want and answer the questions, answer the critics, everything and just kind of have an open mic to deal with the shutdown and their perspective on everything that went down."

Harrison added that the season returned on a shortened schedule which he said makes it "tougher to come up with a happy couple."

But, he teased, "We're going to see if we have a happy couple and end up with an engaged couple during the live finale later on."