Chris Pine opens up about 'Wonder Woman' and being mistaken for other famous Chrises

Pine plays a spy in the latest DC Universe film, "Wonder Woman."

"The real theme of ['Wonder Woman'] is parity and equality and that women can do whatever they want," he said of the film.

The actor is no stranger to intense physical preparation for his movie roles but said the outcome onscreen was a little different this time.

"You know, I trained an hour a day," Pine said. "It was kind of fun for me because I get to be looked at like a novelty, but she [Gadot] stands there like a man eating me up."

Fans of the film and of the actor won't be able to find him on certain social media platforms, including Facebook, he said.

"I love them to death," he said of his fans, who call themselves Pine Nuts. "I just, I'm prone to anxiety," he said.

"And I found my phone made me incredibly anxious ... so I just decided to kind of sever the cord, and then with this flip phone, I don't have Wi-Fi," Pine explained.

He is one of a few famous Chrises in Hollywood, and he said people can't always tell him from the others.

"I call it the resume game, so someone would come up and and be like — 'My friend says you're someone. I should know what have you been in.' 'I am Ryan Pratt, and I was in "The Green Thor,"' and they're like, 'I knew it!'" he said.

"It's always nice when fans come up to you and say, I liked you in such and such, and that's great, but if I can rock it — the anonymity — for a little while longer, for as long as I can, I'm a happy clam," Pine said, laughing.