‘Dancing With the Stars’ 2015: Suzanne Somers Voted Off In Week 5 of Season 20

“Dancing With the Stars” said goodbye to its fourth eliminated star of season 20

April 13, 2015, 10:24 PM

— -- Actress-turned-entrepreneur Suzanne Somers was voted off ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” tonight during a show dedicated to classic Disney films.

Even though Somers and “The Bachelor” star Chris Soules were both in jeopardy of going home tonight based on their performances from last week’s show, Somers, 68, ended up being voted off because she had the lowest combined total of viewer votes and judges’ scores for foxtrot.

The foxtrot was a tribute to “Three’s Company,” the hit 70s sitcom that shot Somers to stardom.

Somers said she believed she had done what she set out to do – which was to show that a woman in her late 60s could compete on the show – and she praised her pro partner, Tony Dovolani.

“He is a gentleman and he gave me everything he had and I so loved this,” Somers said.

Before tonight’s elimination, each star danced one routine set to songs from beloved Disney films. Some routines featured dancers performing alongside live animated classic Disney characters.

The Routines

Suzanne Somers: The “Three’s Company” actress had some doubt during rehearsals – even saying at one point that she didn’t believe she could stay on the show, but after encouragement from her pro partner, Tony Dovolani, she came out tonight and delivered a judge-pleasing sultry jazz routine. Unfortunately, the dance’s pacing was interrupted when Somers’s heel got caught in the hem of her glittering black gown. Despite the setback, judges said she had improved. Head judge Len Goodman and fellow judge Julianne Hough said they believed this was Somers' best performance yet. Bruno Tonioli said the actress was confident, assertive and “in character,” and Carrie Ann Inaba said she should be proud. “This is what we’ve all been waiting for,” she said, mentioning the actress’s maturity, elegance, class and grace. Somers earned four 7s, for 28 out of a total 40 points.

Robert Herjavec: The “Shark Tank” star’s “Mary Poppins”-themed quickstep was ebullient but judges said Herjavec was out of step with the music. Even though the footwork was problematic, Inaba said Herjavec seemed happy during the performance. Goodman agreed, adding that it appeared Herjavec may have been carried away by his enthusiasm, thereby throwing off his timing. Goodman did commend Herjavec, though, for his personality on the dance floor. “You were out there really popping, giving it your all. It was full of razzle dazzle … You come out. You entertained. Well done!” Herjavec earned four 6s, for a total of 24 points.

Patti LaBelle: Even with an injured knee, the iconic singer’s smooth Waltz dazzled the judging panel. Tonioli said the performance was affectionate and warm, with “just the right touch of Disney magic.” Inaba said watching LaBelle, 70, was like “watching the fairy godmother of ‘Dancing With the Stars,’” adding that the singer was “so elegant.” Goodman called the performance charming, but pointed out that, because of LaBelle’s knee injury, the routine didn’t have as much movement as it could have. Despite that drawback, he said: “You’re great. I love watching you.” Hough said the competition was a marathon, and she commended LaBelle’s dedication, attitude and dance floor presence. LaBelle earned three 7s and a 6, for a total of 27 points.

Willow Shields: The “Hunger Games” actress, playing Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” – delivered a fantasy-filled foxtrot that judges praised for its creativity. Inaba pointed out that Shields lost her footing during the first half, but said she recovered during the second part of the routine. Goodman said the foxtrot was good. “You’re getting better and better,” he said. Hough agreed that Shields needed to work on her arm movements, but added: “The concept was so fun. You guys executed it so well.” Tonioli said Shields was becoming “a force to be reckoned with.” Shields earned two 9s and two 8s, for a total of 34 points.

Chris Soules: The “Bachelor” star hurt his calf during rehearsals today, but performed his “Hercules”-inspired quickstep anyway, and it drew mixed reviews from the judges. Given the difficulty level of the style of dance and the fact that Soules was injured, Goodman said he thought the Iowa farmer “did fine.” Hough cautioned Soules against putting too much pressure on himself. “I want you to remember that feeling of that first week when you did have fun,” she said. She also advised Soules to work on his musicality. Tonioli agreed, telling Soules to listen to the music, but Inaba said she thought tonight’s performance was Soules’ best “by a long shot.” Soules earned three 7s and a 6, for a total of 27 points.

Noah Galloway: The U.S. Army veteran and double-amputee’s foxtrot earned a standing ovation from the ballroom audience. Hough approved of Galloway’s frame and said she loved his confidence. Tonioli said Galloway had a natural, intuitive way of being in tune with the music and his pro partner, Sharna Burgess. He called their connection and interaction “flawless.” Inaba, too, said she liked Galloway’s power and commitment but said she felt the routine lack a bit of content. Goodman acknowledged that Galloway had challenges, but said he had great lines, sway and musicality. Galloway earned four 7s for a total of 28 points.

Riker Lynch: Channeling Captain Jack Sparrow, the R5 band member performed a powerful paso doble that had judges gushing with excitement and awarding Lynch his first 10s of the season. “That was mad and wonderful! You stuck everything you had into that. A super production for a super talent,” Tonioli said. Inaba was amazed. “Riker, what the heck was that? Where did you pull that out of?” she said. “You slayed it! Best ever. Best, best ever!” Added Goodman: “That wasn’t ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ That was ‘Fast and Furious’ … Well done!” Hough said the performance encompassed technique, content, emotion, passion, showmanship and artistry. Lynch earned two 10s and two 9s, for a total of 38 points.

Rumer Willis: The actress’s played a villain – “The Little Mermaid”’s Ursula – for her dramatic samba, and the ballroom audience stood and cheered. Judges, too, had rave reviews. “What is going on tonight? Everybody’s drinking the Disney juice … it was out of this world and odd and weird, but it turns me on,” Inaba said. Goodman repeated his comment from a few weeks ago: “You’re a fantastic dancer. That’s it,” he said. Hough said thought Willis’s performance was “the best dance of the night,” and Tonioli said Willis did wicked “brilliantly.” Willis earned three 10s and a 9, for a total of 39 points.

Nastia Liukin: The Olympic artistic gymnast’s jazz number – set to “Love Is an Open Door” from “Frozen” -- earned judges’ approval. “That was like a warm hug on a cold evening,” Goodman said. Hough said the routine was “so Disney,” and Tonioli agreed. “What you saw captured the essence of the wonderful world of Disney. Practically perfect in every way,” he said. Inaba, too, was impressed, but said she was a little bothered by the fact that Liukin and pro partner, Derek Hough, would sometimes lip synch and not at other times. She said trying to anticipate when they would lip synch took her out of the routine a bit. Liukin earned two 10s and two 9s, for a total of 38 points.

Tonight’s Scores

Rumer Willis and Valentin Chmerkovskiy: 39

Riker Lynch and Allison Holker: 38

Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough: 38

Willow Shields and Mark Ballas: 34

Suzanne Somers and Tony Dovolani: 28 (They were voted off tonight.)

Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess: 28

Patti LaBelle and Artem Chigvintsev: 27

Chris Soules and Witney Carson: 27

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson: 24

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