David Oyelowo, Don Cheadle, George Clooney Weigh in on Lack of Diversity Among 2016 Oscar Nominees

Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee are boycotting this year's awards.

The actor told Variety that 10 years ago, the Academy did a better job of recognizing people of color.

“We had a deep and meaningful [conversation]," he said, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "For 20 opportunities to celebrate actors of color, actresses of color, to be missed last year is one thing; for that to happen again this year is unforgivable.”

“The reason why the Oscars are so important is because it is the zenith, it is the epitome, it is the height of celebration of artistic endeavor within the filmmaking community," he continued. "We grow up aspiring, dreaming, longing to be accepted into that august establishment because it is the height of excellence. I would like to walk away and say it doesn’t matter, but it does, because that acknowledgement changes the trajectory of your life, your career, and the culture of the world we live in."

Oyelowo, a member of the Academy, also lamented that the nominations don't reflect the group as a whole. Furthermore, he added, it's not representative of the nation.