'Duck Dynasty's' Sadie Robertson Gets Real About Body Image and Faith

It's the YouTube video capturing the attention of millions.

ByABC News
April 6, 2015, 11:23 AM

— -- It’s the YouTube video capturing the attention of millions: "Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson opening up on camera about her struggles with body image and faith.

“I want to tell you the reality of things: I struggle with jealousy. And I struggle with comparing myself to other people,” Roberston, 17, admitted in the video. “I may be this ‘celebrity status’ or whatever, but I’m just like every single one of you.”

Robertson, who appeared last year on "Dancing With the Stars," said today on "Good Morning America" that the video came from a very authentic and impromptu place.

"I just got out of the shower one day and I was in my pajamas laying in my bed and I was kind of preaching to myself, like a message that I needed to hear," Robertson said. "And then my little sister came home from church and watched it and she was like, ‘Sadie ... you should post it.’ So I posted it and next thing I know I’m on ‘Good Morning America’ talking about it."

In the video, posted March 26, Robertson is stripped down with no makeup and no camera crews, just opening up about her own struggles.

“I am just like any other girl,” she says in the video, which has nearly 2.5 million views. “I look in the mirror and I pick out the flaws.”

Robertson challenged her fans, and herself, to “live original,” as she calls it.

"I just think it’s like important for girls to know that it’s like no matter who you are, what position you’re in, you know, everybody struggles with insecurities and everybody kind of compares themselves to somebody else, if they want to admit it or not" Robertson said on "GMA." "And I just wanted people to know that it's, like, no matter who you are you can’t reach it b, like, comparing yourself to other humans."

"For me, I found that it was through God was like the best way that I could do it," she said.

Robertson and her family are known for their conservative Christian values, and the teen said in the video that one should look to God for approval.

“Don’t look at somebody and say, ‘This is what I want to be,’” she said. “Because in reality if you are seeking self-approval or human approval, you are never going reach your goal. You can only reach it by God.”

Aside from God, Robertson said she looks to her family, including her mother, Korie Robertson, for strength and inspiration.

"My whole family is a huge inspiration to me obviously and I have the most amazing mom in the world who teaches me that," Robertson said. "She keeps it real with me and she’s so open with me that it helps me and it inspires me to be open with the world because everybody goes through, and it’s silly for us to not want to talk about it because we’re embarrassed because you never know who you can help or who you can encourage."

Robertson also had a message for those who may criticize her or her family's faith.

"The thing is, it’s like God is my rock for me. I’m not saying that you have to live that way," Robertson said on "GMA." "I want to share my message because if it can help somebody it’s worth it. That’s just who I am. That’s just what I believe."