Eric Stonestreet Shares Why It's So Important to Keep a Clean House

Since college, the actor has always looked for this big red flag with women.

— -- Eric Stonestreet has always been good about keeping his living space clean.

He also knows how to spot women who aren't quite as neat.

"Girls with messy cars were a red flag for me from the beginning," he told ABC News. "I remember in college when I got into a girl's car and she had cans and trash, I was like, 'This probably means something...'"

To that end, Stonestreet, 42, is now a spokesman for Swiffer, a product he said has made cleaning more fun. The "Modern Family" star learned the importance of cleanliness from his mother. Now it also helps with dating too.

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"Who likes to come over to a guy’s sloppy house?" he noted. "It says a lot about a person with how they take care of their house and their surroundings."It also makes it easier to wind down a busy day on the "Modern Family" set. The actor who plays Cam on the ABC series said they'll start filming the next season next month.

"I start my workday here every day and when I come home after a stressful day and I want a nice clean comfortable place that isn’t going full of clutter," he said. "Life is cluttered. I don’t need my house to be."