Evelyn Lozada Opens Up About Motherhood and Regaining Her Confidence Post-Baby

"After giving birth, I didn't feel as confident," the reality star admitted.

— -- After Evelyn Lozada gave birth to her son this past March, it took her awhile to feel like herself again.

However, the "Basketball Wives" star has since lost 55 lbs. and learned to love her new, curvier body.

"I kept reminding myself that I just had a baby and went through a beautiful experience and this is what matters the most. When I had [my 21-year-old daughter] Shaniece, I was a teenager and I bounced back within 24 hours, but as you get older, your body changes and I didn't bounce back as fast," she told ABC News. "I'm very satisfied with my appearance now! I'm a bit more curvier and I love it."

Lozada, 38, and Shaniece have teamed up with youthH2O, an age-defying solution, for a new campaign aimed to inspire women to look and feel their best. (Lozada has long represented the brand, while Shaniece is its new face.) The campaign, for which mothers and daughters are asked to post photos on youthH2O’s social channels with the hashtag #ForeverYoung, was a natural fit for the pair.

"Shaniece was and still is super positive," Lozada gushed. "She would actually take the role of big sister and do the night shift sometimes when I wanted to go work out. She was my lifesaver."

She's also been inspirational to Lozada during her weight loss journey. The reality TV star credits Shaniece for teaching her to eat healthier and "exercise without complaints."

"We only speak in a positive manner when it comes to our appearance and I'm her biggest cheerleader," she added. "I make certain to recognize her when she excels and I support her on all of her projects. As a mom, it's important to encourage your child, this helps them to build confidence and we hope to help so many women do the same."