Exclusive 1st look inside Taylor Swift's secret sessions for 'Reputation'

The superstar hosted private album listening parties for her biggest fans.

"She blew my expectations out of the water," the Swift mega-fan added of the new album, "Reputation," saying, "Every song is a freaking masterpiece, and we all were speechless."

A handful of fans, who were picked by Swift herself, were invited to listen to "Reputation" with Swift at one of her homes in four locations across the globe a month ahead of the album's official release on Nov. 10.

At the secret session Swift hosted in London, the pop star said, "Everything about this album is a secret."

One fan in attendance said that she secretly left her country just to come to the secret session."

"We flew from Ireland, none of our friends know, we left the country in secret because of Taylor," she said in the video on "GMA."

In Los Angeles, one fan raved that listening to the highly anticipated new album with Swift "is like the best show I've ever been to."

"Every song you're just like, 'This is my favorite,' and then another one comes on and you're like, 'No, this is my favorite,'" a second fan added of the new music.

Another girl described the album as "absolutely insane."

"It's so different, but so her," she said. "It's just like absolutely amazing and I'm so excited to blast it in my car like every single day once it comes out."

In Nashville, one fan said he was especially excited to meet Swift because she is someone he has "looked up to for almost 10 years."

Another secret session attendee in Nashville said "the new tunes are phenomenal."

"I think Taylor overall ... is living her best, unapologetically honest life," he added. "Every single track she's so excited about, and I'm so excited about too."

At the secret session in Rhode Island, one fan became emotional when describing the experience of listening to the new album with Swift.

"I mean she just felt like my best friend," the fan said. "There is no way to describe it, like it was just everything I could have asked for and more."

The superstar spoke candidly about each song on the album before she played them during each secret session. She also spent copious amounts of time meeting with her fans and taking photos during the listening parties. Despite over 500 people hearing the album early, none of Swift's fans leaked any of the music out ahead of the album's release.

Swift will give a special performance of a new song from the upcoming album on Nov. 9 during the broadcast of "Scandal" on ABC. Her performance this Thursday on ABC will be the first time that the superstar performs a new song in three years.

"Reputation" will be released at midnight on Nov. 10. The upcoming album has already shattered pre-sale records, with more than 400,000 pre-orders, according to The Associated Press.