Exclusive: Inside the 'Six Little McGhees' 4th Birthday Bash

See the lengths parents Mia and Rozonno went to for their six kids' big day.

June 9, 2014 — -- Mia and Rozonno (Ro) McGhee will do anything for their six children who turned 4 years old today.

Don't believe it? Well, the two parents of sextuplets, whose family is featured on OWN's "Six Little McGhees," decided sleep didn't matter when it came their kids' birthday.

On Saturday, the reality TV stars celebrated the children -- Rozonno Jr., Josiah, Madison, Olivia, Isaac and Elijah -- and their birthday milestone at a local park.

"This time of year in Columbus, Ohio, it's absolutely gorgeous outside, so we wanted to go outside," Mia McGhee told ABC News. "We decided just me and Ro to just go and rent a pavilion."

There was just one drawback. Because it's graduation season with family reunions, graduation parties and weddings, Mia and Ro had to camp out, starting at 12 a.m. Saturday morning at the park entrance, to lock down the venue while the kids were at home staying with family members. They stayed there in their car for more than six hours, waiting in line.

"At 6 a.m., the park ranger opened up the park, we hurried up and got our favorite pavilion and Ro started barbecuing. I decorated our outdoor party picnic," Mia McGhee said. "This time of the year, parks are the first to go. ... To make sure you had it, you had to be the first in line to enter the park. It was horrible, but it was worth it. We had a ball with our kids, family and friends."

As for gifts, Mia and Ro said the best idea was to get the kids similar gifts to avoid jealousy and fighting.

"Special occasions like this, their birthday, we pretty much like get them all the same thing, like movies, books, that we can read them to the kids all together," Rozonno said. "It's kind of hard to buy one kid something different, then the rest of them get mad. It becomes a headache."

Gifts this year for the 4-year-olds included books by Dr. Seuss, superhero- and princess-themed books, coloring utensils, paint, ukuleles and clothes. They even got some practical gifts.

"They also got money, which will help for college," Mia McGhee said.

When you have six kids, it's never too early to start planning.

"We always advise our friends for Christmas and birthday, 'Please don't hesitate to get them a savings bond,'" Mia McGhee added

Mia and Ro McGhee aren't the only ones thinking about their six children's future. As they get older, they are getting more independent, Ro McGhee said.

"They are having their own conversations, mommy and daddy are not allowed to join," he added, laughing.

ABC News had the proud parents of Columbus, Ohio’s first sextuplets describe each child in just a few words. "Six Little McGhees" follows the family as they try to balance six children at the same time as growing their carpet cleaning business.

With a new season coming to OWN on Sept. 6, here's what you need to know about Mia and Ro's six adorable kids if you haven't been watching thus far.

Rozonno Jr. -- "He is the explorer. He's all boy -- very tough, fearless," Mia McGhee said.

Josiah -- "He's a jokester," she said. "He's turned into a little bit of a momma's boy. That's a little different. He used to be real independent." Ro McGhee added that Josiah might be a Casanova because he has a crush on his teacher.

Madison -- "She is a mini-me, she's a little bossy, she loves order," Mia McGhee said.

Olivia -- "She's the baby. She loves being the baby," Ro McGhee said. The parents added that Olivia was the last one born four years ago. Mia McGhee added, she'll "cry at the drop of a hat."

Isaac -- "He loves to run. I still call him 'Happy Feet,'" Mia McGhee said. "Loves to dance, very playful."

Elijah -- "He's the tallest and loves to eat," Mia and Ro McGhee said. They added that he stands out and you might think he is 5 years old.