Fan throws shoe at Jennifer Hudson midconcert: 'I could barely finish my song'

The singer took it in stride, as she started the trend on "The Voice."

Hudson, who considers shoe throwing a compliment, was seen doing the same thing on "The Voice" on Tuesday to contestant Chris Weaver.

"Where I come from, that's a compliment," Hudson explained on the show. "And we know at times when you sing like that, you better be prepared to what? Duck."

During her Friday night concert in Boston, a fan and member of the orchestra decided to share the same compliment while Hudson, 36, performed her version of "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going," from her Oscar-winning "Dreamgirls" role.

Onstage, the singer laughed off the incident, saying, "I got a job to do. I've got to finish this song."

The singer added that she "could barely finish my song after this guy got done!"

Hudson did go on to finish the song by shaking hands with members of the audience and eventually singing offstage, according to a video she shared on Instagram.