'Fear The Walking Dead' Recap: 'Monster'

Spoilers -- see what happened in the season 2 premiere.


The season 2 premiere of "Fear The Walking Dead" kicks off moments after last season's finale: Los Angeles has been firebombed by the military's Operation Cobalt -- a vain attempt to eradicate the undead menace -- and Maddie, Travis, and the rest are headed to Strand's yacht to flee the chaos.

Chris, Travis's son, continues to mourn his mom Liza, who his dad shot in the head in the closing moments of last season to prevent her from turning.

As the heroes make some supply runs to the swanky boat, walkers storm the beach.

Travis and Maddie struggle with walkers, using rocks to kill the undead before they make their way onto the zodiac piloted by Nick.

They quickly learn the ocean doesn't seem to stop the walkers, because as they board, one wades up to them. Nick buzzes its face off with the boat's spinning outboard motor prop.

The survivors get to Abigail safely, taking the shrouded body of Liza aboard with them.

Daybreak sees the new ragtag crew of the Abigail coming across a boatload of refugees begging to get aboard. Strand refuses, despite the others' protestations, saying, "I reached my mercy quota."

Travis tells Alicia to listen to the emergency radio for clues as to where's safe. According to the Coast Guard, the answer is nowhere. Abigail is headed to San Diego, but Strand doesn't know if it's safe: "The whole world is 'I don't know' right now."

Alicia hears a man playing music and reaching out to survivors via the emergency band and tells him, "I'm here."

Chris, holding his dead mother's hand, exposes her face from the shroud and kisses her. He makes his way out of the boat to find Daniel fishing. Chris helps himself to a pole and they bond over their lost loved ones.

Below deck, Nick finds Daniel's injured daughter Ofelia and advises her about how to treat her wound, while Alicia bonds with the mystery voice.

As Alicia continues to survival flirt with her mystery voice, Maddie and Strand agree on a spot to bury Liza at sea.

Travis eulogizes his ex, and Chris glares at him, suddenly sliding her body overboard before storming off.

Below deck, Travis tries to comfort Chris, but he's having none of it. He insists he could have done something differently to save his mother, instead of killing her, and he punches his dad. Travis retreats.

Alicia and her parents plot to pick up "Jack," the mystery voice allegedly on a sinking ship. Strand puts that idea down with the rules of the boat, which are: "It's my boat."

Chris is consoled by Maddie, who tries to show him his father's act was merciful. As the group gathers for a meal, Chris seemingly throws himself off the boat. Nick plunges in after him, only to discover Chris just wanted to swim.

Meanwhile, back on the radio, Alicia tells Jack they can't rescue him. "See you soon," he says ominously.

Nick flits about under the water only to find a swimming walker.

They come across its source, a capsized boat, shot to pieces. Nick goes underwater to investigate and finds the log book.

He returns to the Abigail to find another boat is bearing down on them -- possibly the boat that shot up the other one.

The episode ends with the heroes attempting to flee the faster vessel, hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.