'Gilmore Girls' Had a Reunion: Here Are the Highlights

Rory's boyfriends, talk of a reunion and more with the cast.

Here are the highlights of the reunion almost 10 years in the making:

A revival may or may not be in the works.

"There’s nothing in the works at the moment ... If it ever happened, I promise we’d do it correctly … Nobody here hates each other, which is very important. It would have to be the right everything, the right format, the right timing," Sherman-Palladino said, according to Variety, who recapped the panel.

The panel also went back and forth about Bledel's character Rory's boyfriends, Dean, Jess and Logan.

“I was Team Dean,” Milo Ventimiglia, who played Jess joked.

Jared Padalecki, who played Dean said, “I was Team Jess — he was sexy and cool."

Bledel thought it was unfair to pick.

Graham also commented on her character Lorelai and said, "I think they’re together, a hundred percent,” she said of her relationship with Luke and how it would be now.

Sherman-Palladino also covered the delicate topic of Rory having sex on the show and her character being young.

“Every character that was under 18 on TV at the time was like ‘f–- it’ [and having sex],” she said. “We were trying to play the truth of who she was ... We got to a point where the studio and network were like ‘she’s gotta have sex, is she a nun?’ … I wanted it to be Dean and I wanted it to be at a time when they weren’t together. He was that great first boyfriend that you struggle with that as your life goes on, and you’re like, ‘the first one was so nice… maybe I shouldn’t have left that guy.’ That was a big thing only because people were like ‘what’s with her not sleeping with boys?'”

Bledel, who was very inexperienced at the time of the show's start, explained how Graham really helped her through.

“Because it was my first scene, I think we did many, many takes, because I didn’t know how to clear the camera — I’d walk behind Lauren because I didn’t know, she’d have to grab me to make sure I was on-camera,” she said of the first day of filming.

To watch the full panel, head over to Entertainment Weekly for the 48-minute video.