Gina Rodriguez Discusses Battle With Weight and Hashimoto's Disease

How the star deals with her underactive thyroid caused by Hashimoto's disease.

August 10, 2016, 9:45 AM

— -- Gina Rodriguez is openly discussing her battle with Hashimoto's disease in the September issue of Health magazine.

The autoimmune disease can lead to an underactive thyroid and weight gain.

"It's always been a battle for me with weight," the "Jane the Virgin" star said. "Keeping weight off is very difficult because my metabolism is pretty much shot, which to me felt like a curse when I was 19."

Working in an industry that puts so much emphasis on looks has made that battle even tougher for the 32-year-old.

"As an actress, I was like, 'Seriously?! In a world that's so vain, I have to deal with the disease that makes you not keep weight off?'" she adds. "But it actually became a blessing because then I got to represent not only women and Latinas, but also women who are dealing with this disease."

Rodriguez is winning that weight battle with a combination of a gluten-free diet and plenty of exercise. "If I can at least walk for 30 minutes a day, it's extremely helpful for my thyroid gland," she says. "Running, boxing, jump rope and hitting the heavy bag are my workout constants."

Rodriguez even manages to squeeze in some exercise while she's on set.

"I like to do videos of me dancing," she says. "And I'll do squats. I'll drop into a squat any day of the week, even mid-scene."

"Jane the Virgin" returns for its third season in October on The CW Network.

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