Manager of the Tiger Mistresses

Gina Rodriguez says she manages some of Tiger Woods' purported mistresses.

Feb. 17, 2011— -- From Michelle "Bombshell" McGee to Tiger Woods' purported mistresses, the many women who have found themselves at the center of celebrity sex scandals said they have turned their shame into fame with the help of one publicity machine: Gina Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, a former porn star turned successful businesswoman, runs DD Entertainment in Los Angeles and said "bad girls" are good for business.

"I am managing the mistresses and all the people of the scandal," she said. "I've taken these girls that were involved in the sex scandals that were huge this year and built them a career on their own so that they have something."

Rodriguez said she developed her eye for scandalous clientele out of a void she noticed in the entertainment market.

"No one was doing anything with them," she said. "So I saw there was a vacant space there, so I went in and grabbed them."

Managing these women, Rodriguez said, involves handling everything from media appearances to images.

"I try to monetize the entire situation," Rodriguez, who lives in Los Angeles, said. "Any type of endorsement deals that we can get them, anything that we can do for them."

Her cut of the profits: 20 percent.

Rodriguez said her most profitable clients are the ones she called "Tiger's Girls," -- Jamie Jungers, Joslyn James and Holly Sampson -- all women who claimed to have had affairs with golfer Tiger Woods.

Nothing seemed out of reach for Rodriguez to turn them into money-making machines, including staging public outings and then tipping off the paparazzi, and even finagling free cosmetic surgery deals; all for a publicity fee, of course.

"We've done sex tapes, celebrity sex tapes this year," she said. "We've done appearances, book deals, a cosmetics line called 'Shameless.' Some of the girls, I packed them together and we're doing the scandal tour."

When the tattooed temptress, McGee, found herself splashed across tabloid magazine covers for her affair with actress Sandra Bullock's biker husband Jesse James, she didn't hide her face in shame. She turned to Rodriguez and made a career out of it.

Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee Says She Has Now Become 'Very Profitable'

McGee, the self-proclaimed "villain" for breaking up America's so-called sweetheart marriage, said she has become "very profitable" through appearances, endorsements and even a new reality-TV show deal since the affair came out.

The name of the reality TV show: "Celebrity Cheaters," a spin-off of the popular reality series "Cheaters."

"Infamy in this industry is so short-lived," McGee said. "You're forgotten by the next scandal, so I guess the whole thing is you might as well capitalize off of it."

She wasn't the only one. January Gessert, 20, said she also looked to Rodriguez after she found herself in the tabloid headlines for a reported sexual relationship with Kim Kardashian's then-boyfriend and football star Reggie Bush; a relationship both Gessert and Bush denied.

"I've been working on coming out with my music by myself, you know," she said. "Gina is helping me with the people I'm working with. I also had a clothing line called 'Butter' for about four years and I just started an accessory line on top of that."

But it hasn't been easy, money-making fun for all the women involved in celebrity sex scandals. Violet Kowel received plenty of bad press after she said she had an affair with actor Mel Gibson, an affair that Gibson denied.

"You know, I'm kind of trying to move on," Kowel said. "I don't want to be known like a Mel Gibson mistress. I want to be known like a Violet."

Kowel added that she hoped to use her name recognition to sell a new line of purses.

"The line is 'Violet,'" she said. "I am going to have probably between five to seven purses coming out next year."

On the other hand, Meralee Gerth said she doesn't want to cling to scandal but instead clear her name. Gerth, who worked for Jesse James at his West Coast choppers shop until 2007, was played out in the tabloids as "mistress #5."

Even though she denied the affair, Gerth said, she filed a sexual harassment claim against James.

"I'm not this terrible villain that tried to ruin people's lives," she said. "I really didn't. I'm not that person."

Gina Rodriguez: 'I Don't Think I'm Exploiting Them'

For a business that started out with just managing mistresses, Rodriguez said she wants to expand it to managing any celebrity tied to scandal, even Lindsay Lohan's father.

"She's a problem-solver," Michael Lohan said of Rodriguez. "She's a manager. She manages people's problems. When you have a problem and you want it resolved, you bring the pieces together, you go to Gina."

Rodriguez admitted that managing such eclectic clientele isn't always easy.

"These girls are all sexually charged," she said. "They all want attention, they are jealous of each other, you know? It's a reality-TV show right there. ... I'm like the mom to everyone."

While some critics say her success is built on exploitation, Rodriguez said that's not the case at all.

"I don't think I'm exploiting them," she said. "The press is exploiting them. They are the ones who brought them out first. I was there to grab them afterwards."

ABC News' Lauren Effron contributed to this report.