Inside Kelly Ripa's Terrifying Driving Lessons with Her 17-Year-Old Son

"Always remember a second pair of underpants," she wrote of the experience.

— -- They grow up so fast!

Kelly Ripa, 43, is teaching her 17-year-old son Michael to drive and she doesn't look too excited.

"Look at all the fun HE and I are having during today's driving lesson. #drivingwithteenagers," Ripa posted on Instagram, while sporting a stolid, straight face like she's terrified.

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This was the second picture the "Live with Kelly & Michael" host posted this month with her son behind the wheel.

Last week, she wrote, "When driving with teenagers always remember a second pair of underpants."

Ripa's husband Mark Consuelos was not left out of all the fun either.

"Look out someone has their learner's permit," he posted last week, with the actor and husband of the talk-show-host sitting shotgun.