Jamie Foxx reveals his 50th birthday plans

Actor turns 50 at the end of the year and is planning a big celebration.

"You're turning 50 later this year. I'm also turning 50 later this year. I mean, you have crazy parties just on a Wednesday," host Jimmy Kimmel said. "What in God's name do you have planned for your 50th birthday? Is anything set yet?"

"I'mma go crazy. There's an island," Foxx revealed. "It'll be a progression of the people down to my real dawgs," Foxx said. "It'll be family, family, family -- 'OK, y'all get outta here.'"

Kimmel joked that it will be like "Survivor."

"People will be eliminated from the island," he laughed, "like the reality shows."

Foxx then asked Kimmel how he feels about hitting the big 5-0, explaining that he still feels like a kid.

"I don't feel old," said the actor, who turns 50 in December. "I still feel young and goofy."

But to younger celebrities, he's "O.G." or original gangster.

Foxx said he can't even go to some clubs anymore because he stands out.

"I can't go to clubs in L.A. It's all young people in clubs in L.A. It's older people in New York and Miami," he said. "I was going to [L.A.'s] 1OAK, and as I'm about to walk in, these girls go, 'Oh my God! Jamie Foxx!' I was like, 'What's up?' 'We go to school with your daughter!' 'Oh!'"

When the girls asked him if he was going into the club, he quickly revised his plan, telling them, "No ... It's an open house that I'mma go see."

Later, Foxx shared a song he wrote for the city of Cleveland after the Cavaliers lost the NBA championship to the Golden State Warriors. Accompanying himself on the piano, Foxx sang that despite the loss, Cleveland still has Lake Erie, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, perogies, natives Halle Berry and Drew Carey and, most importantly, "King James" LeBron James.