Jay Z, Beyonce, Solange Get 'Saturday Night Live' Spoof

PHOTO: Jay Pharoah as Jay Z and Sasheer Zamata as Solange appear on SNL, May 17, 2014.PlayCourtesy of NBC
WATCH Jay Z, Beyonce Move Past Solange Incident With Concert Promo Video

Apparently Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z because he had a spider on him.

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That's according to "Saturday Night Live," which spoofed the leaked video showing Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator May 5 after the Met Gala as Beyonce stood by. The video shows Solange punching and kicking the rapper.

In the skit, Jay Pharoah's Jay Z and Sasheer Zamata's Solange said it was because of the rapper's arachnophobia.

"Oh my God, there's a spider on you!" Zamata said in "exclusive" audio that wasn't previously released until airing on "SNL."

"What? Get it! You know I hate spiders," Pharoah responded.

A bodyguard nervously stood by as Pharoah and Zamata discussed the incident. Maya Rudolph later appeared as Beyonce and broke into song during her statement.

The real Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange told the Associated Press through a statement on Thursday that "families have problems and we're no different."

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