Jodie Foster on 'Money Monster,' Directing vs. Acting and Her All-New Hollywood Star

Jodie Foster is back with a new big-screen thriller.

“He’s a young guy who wanted to be a stockholder,” said Foster. “And he put all of his money in what Lee Gates [Clooney’s character] told him was a safe bet. And unfortunately there was a glitch and he lost everything. He comes on the show and he wants some answers. He wants somebody to tell him where his money went.”

And with that plot, the thrills begin. But why isn’t Foster on screen for this one?

“You never say never,” Foster said. “I really want to focus on the directing. And it’s true you can’t do the same thing for 50 years and not have some kind of change in your life. I will always act, I’m sure. I just don’t know how often I’ll act. I can’t imagine I’ll ever quit acting. But it’s been a new stage for me. And it’s wonderful being scared, a little scared about what the future brings and learning new things and I’m growing. And that’s been a wonderful opportunity.”

Fifty years is no exaggeration. Foster started in the TV and filmmaking business at just 3 years old. So it may come as a surprise to many that just two weeks ago she was honored with a star on Hollywood Boulevard. But what took so long?

“I grew up about 15 blocks from Hollywood Boulevard,” Foster said. “And we had to cross over it every single day coming to school. It’s something that I’ve known I’ve always wanted my whole life. I just didn’t want to get one unless it had to do with directing, that somehow it had to do with directing. That was something I’ve always wanted to do. It was really a goal of mine.”

"Money Monster" hits theaters today.