Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend Brawls With Taco Bell

Jon Gosselin's girlfriend wants employee fired for taking photographs.

ByABC News
November 4, 2010, 6:53 AM

Nov. 4, 2010 — -- Jon Gosselin's got beef with Taco Bell.

Did the Tex-Mex king poison his eight children? Did an XXL-sized crispy Chalupa not crunch as advertised? No, the father of the year turned down-and-out dad is peeved simply because employees at a Lemoyne, Pa., Taco Bell recognized him and his girlfriend, Ellen Ross, and attempted to photograph them during a grub run through the fast food chain's drive-thru window.

Gosselin is, of course, the dad made famous then infamous by TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8." But for Ross, who's been dating Gosselin for months, the fact that he once headlined a highly rated cable television show doesn't make him different from the average Joe. She filed a complaint with Taco Bell demanding that an employee of the Lemoyne franchise be fired for trying to take a photograph of the couple on Oct. 18.

"My boyfriend (Jon Gosselin from the reality show 'Jon & Kate Plus 8') and I came through to purchase dinner," Ross said in the complaint, which was obtained first by the blog and then

A source familiar with the incident confirmed to that the complaint published by RadarOnline was the one Ross filed with Taco Bell. The source added that Ross and others in the neighborhood "have had many non-Gosselin related issues with that Taco Bell" and that Ross "never intended for the complaint to get out."

"When we pulled up to the window there were three girls inside and a man," Ross continued in the complaint. "The three girls noticed who Jon was as his phone rang and he answered (it was his attorney, coincidentally), they proceeded to laugh loudly and talk about him as if he weren't there they said 'OMG how funny, that's him OMG, say something to him say something.' Jon put his car window up to avoid them. Every employee inside was gathered at the window staring and talking loudly about us. When we put the window back down to get our food, one employee (she had a wrap around her head) pulled out her cell phone and held it up to us to try and take a picture, while laughing at us. No one did or said anything to stop this. It was humiliating."