Katy Perry Tweets to Get Bracelets for Little Girl Who Says She's Not a Princess

The singer joked she'd like to start a Kickstarter to get Jojo her bracelets.

— -- This little girl is making very clear that she is not a princess, and her reason why is simple: She doesn’t have sparkly bracelets.

“I’m not a princess because I don’t have bracelets, because they have sparkly bracelets, and I don’t have a bracelet, so how can I be a princess?” young Jojo asks her dad in the adorable YouTube video. “I’m not a princess!”

She may be too practical for her own good, though. The little girl adds that there’s no way she can be royalty because she doesn’t have a “weally spawkly princess headband,” or super fancy dress-up dresses.

“Starting a Kickstarter to get this Queen her rightful bracelets!” Perry wrote along crown emoji and a link to the precious video now gone viral with nearly 400,000 views.

If that’s not happily ever after, we don’t know what is!