Kevin Hart's new 'baby deal' is something we'd almost have to see to believe

"I'm not doing nothing," he said.

Hart is truly an excellent dealmaker. He’s back in the top 10 on the Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid comedians, which was just released last week. This year, Hart is No. 6 on the list, earning a reported $32.5 million since last year.

“Lies. Lies. It's lies. I have absolutely nothing. Nothing at all,” joked Hart. “I’m making bad decisions out here. I put a lot of money into a shoelace company and it went belly up.”

Of course, Hart is a comedian. So we’re not exactly sure if this so-called deal with Eniko is a real deal, but he sure did seem (over)confident with his plan.

Along with his own personal life changes, Hart was in New York to encourage others to make important changes in their lives. He’s partnered with Rally HealthFest as a health ambassador, hosting a series of free festivals in cities around the country to get families to focus on healthy living.

This past weekend, the New York event drew more than 12,000 people to the Nelson A. Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City. They poured out to see Hart and to take in workout demos and information about exercising and healthy-eating habits.

“I think Rally has done an amazing job at just informing, telling people the importance of health and wellness,” Hart said. “And that’s something that I demonstrate on a regular basis. So when I get the chance to partner with someone that literally shares the same beliefs, it’s a no brainer.”

Hart added, “These HealthFests, we’ve been doing now for quite some time. We’ve done five and this is our second time coming back to New York. What we want to do is just grow. We don’t want to go backward. We want to go forward. We want these things to get bigger. And I think they are. The more people that are coming out means the more people are getting encouraged.”

Watch Kevin Hart in action at Rally HealthFest San Francisco: