Larry David on why 'Curb' is coming back after 6 years: 'I got tired of people asking me'

The show's creator and star discusses its comeback.

September 29, 2017, 10:39 AM

— -- Get ready for more cringeworthy, socially awkward and totally hilarious moments: "Curb Your Enthusiasm" returns to HBO this Sunday for a ninth season.

Creator and star Larry David and others in the show's cast met with reporters recently to discuss the return of the show six years after the end of its eighth season.

"I got tired of people asking me, 'Is the show coming back?'" David joked. "I couldn't face that question anymore. And I wasn't ready to say, 'No, never.' And I kept saying, 'Oh, you know, maybe, who knows.' So I thought, yeah, I wouldn't have to be asked that anymore."

David's cranky, curmudgeonly and selfish character on the show doesn't leave room for much mush. But the real Larry David admitted to some sentiment about bringing back the show.

"I'm not a 'misser,' so to speak. I don't really miss things, people that much," he said. "But I was missing it. And I was missing these idiots," he added referring to the assembled cast members. "So, uh, I thought yeah, what the hell."

"Why now?" David was asked.

"Why not?" he responded.

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" returns Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on HBO.

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