Latest 'Girls Say' Video Goes Viral

PHOTO: Franchescha Ramsey in latest spoof of "Girls Say" VideoPlayYouTube
WATCH Latest 'Girls Say' Video Goes Viral

It's the latest spoof of the "S*** Girls Say" video to go viral and this one is already pushing buttons.

In a two-minute YouTube video titled "S*** White Girls Black Girls," African American videoblogger Franchesca Ramsey dons a blonde wig to pose as a white girl speaking to her imaginary black friend.

With the opening salvo, "Not to sound racist, but..." Ramsey delivers a series of one-liners, including "You can say the "N" word but I can't?"... "My grandma hates collards" ... "Why isn't there a White Entertainment Television?" ... "Jews were slaves too, you don't hear us complaining about it all the time."

Ramsey's white girl flips her hair, labels objects as "ghetto" and shouts "Holler!" Perhaps the funniest moment, though, is when she reaches out to the screen to touch her imaginary black friend's hair and proceeds to make a series of comments, including, "Is this real?" and "It kind of feels like a Brillo pad."

"I wanted to make people laugh but also make them think," Ramsey, a 28-year-old New York-based graphic designer, told

She certainly has them clicking. Ramsey posted the video Wednesday before leaving for work and says that by the time she reached her job it had gone viral. The video has already been viewed at least 1.5 million times.

For those who fail to see the humor, Ramsey posted a couple disclaimers. One on the YouTube clip reads, "This video is not stereotyping all white people. it is about SOME white people. Get over it."

In the description, she writes, "Hey now, before you get all upset, This is a parody of this video 'S*** Girls Say.'"

Ramsey is referring to the original video posted last month by artists Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard. The video, which has over 8 million hits, features a man posing as a woman while asking a series of silly questions, including, "What's my password?" and "Did I lock the door?" Actress Juliette Lewis makes a brief cameo as Sheppard's BFF, squealing with excitement, "Twinsies!" when they realize they are wearing the same bracelet.

The original parody has spawned a slew of parodies, including "S*** Black Girls Say" featuring comedian Billy Sorrells, as well as videos about black gays, dudes, Southern gay guys and more.

Ramsey said making her video was easy. She simply pulled experiences from her own life growing up in suburban West Palm Beach, where she found herself the "token black girl" in her group of white upper middle class friends.

"With the exception of 'My grandmother hates collards,' which I made up as a joke," she said she grew up hearing every one of those lines in the video.

Playing a white girl in the video wasn't much of a stretch either. "The character is based on a good friend who I love very dearly, but over the course of our 15-year friendship she's said a few not so PC things to me," Ramsey said.

Overall the reaction has been positive, though some commentors have suggested that Ramsey is being racist in her portrayal, to which she counters, "Apparently pointing out ignorance is racist."

Ramsey said she was moved by one email response from a woman who wrote, "As a white woman not only did it make me laugh but it also made me think, 'have I ever said something like that?' And while I consider myself a very tolerant, open-minded person I could not be sure I hadn't, which made me embarrassed."

"It really touched me to hear that I was able to do something so huge with such a short little video. It's a real honor," said Ramsey, who dreams of one day producing her own entertainment show -- for the web, of course.