Leah Remini Says Her Family Is 'Stronger' Since Leaving Scientology

The actress opens up about her family's newest chapter: filming a reality show.

May 28, 2014 -- Leah Remini has made many changes in her life since leaving the Church of Scientology last year.

One of the biggest shifts has been filming a reality TV show with her family, which she said has been a great bonding experience.

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"We're learning new ways to reconnect with each other, so it really has brought us closer together," Remini told Ellen DeGeneres. "We're stronger and we're having so much fun together and this is something that the family loves to do."

Remini, 43, a former "Dancing with the Stars" competitor, said last year that the TLC reality TV show was a way to inspire others and entertain fans. However, she only considered filming her life after her agent suggested that life with her husband Angelo, 9-year-old daughter Sofia, and the rest of their family would be compelling TV. Getting them to say yes was no problem.

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"My mother thinks she's a star anyway. She thinks she's pretty genius and from this, she keeps saying things like, 'I think I'm gonna get my own sitcom deal,' she thinks she's that hysterical," Remini said. "My daughter, she doesn't love it. She's in negotiations right now with TLC. She's considering continuing if she gets a Chanel purse. She has a whole list of things ... so I hope that works out."

"Angelo's on it, my stepfather, my little sister, my nanny, my housekeeper, everybody [is involved]," she continued. "It's crazy."