LeBron James Surprises Pizza Customers by Working Behind the Counter for a Day

James, 31, worked behind the counter at Blaze Pizza for a day.

ByVanessa Wilkins
April 08, 2016, 11:35 AM

— -- LeBron James is trading in his jersey for an apron, at least for a day.

James recently surprised customers at a Blaze Pizza store in California by working behind the counter for a day. The basketball superstar can be seen chatting with customers and stacking pizza boxes in a new video.

James, 31, is an investor in the Blaze Pizza franchise and recently committed to be part of the chain's marketing campaign.

While some customers instantly recognized the NBA star, others did not catch on right away. One customer even mistook James for Dwyane Wade.

The Blaze Pizza chain that James visited welcomed their "newest team member" with his very own Blaze Pizza hat and name tag.

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