Lisa Marie Presley: How My Father Inspired Me to Lose Weight

"I'm at the weight I was at when I was a teenager," she said.

March 31, 2014 -- Lisa Marie Presley had a good reason to lose weight: her family history.

The singer-songwriter's father, Elvis, died at 42, and Presley was nervous that if she didn't change her lifestyle, her health could be at risk, too.

"My father's side is totally not healthy and they have shorter life spans, while my mom's side is super fit with long life spans. I didn't know where I would land," Presley, 46, told People magazine. "So I said, 'OK, I'm going to play it safe and try to be as healthy as I can be.' "

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Now, Presley said that she tries to stick to a "clean and organic" diet consisting of vegetables, chicken, fish, nuts and juices.

Presly also watches her portions, only eating half of what she's given "especially when I have carbs or grains," she said.

"I just had avocado with feta cheese on toast with some spinach," she explained. "Last night I had vegetable chicken curry. I watch the rice, obviously. I'll have a fistful."

As for workouts, Presley said that hitting the gym can be difficult while she's on the road (currently she's touring for her album, "Storm & Grace"), but her 90 minute show is a workout in and of itself, she said. Having 5-year-old twins is exercise too.

"The twins are with me on tour and are constantly on the go, so they keep me moving," she said. "I do chase after them, but it's not just that. There's always so much going on with the little ones and the older ones, too [daughter Riley, 24, and son Benjamin, 21, from her marriage to Danny Keough]. It's a lot!"