One Love Manchester concert raises nearly $3.5 million

The total raised for the We Love Manchester fund is about $13 million.

That brings the total raised by the British Red Cross' "We Love Manchester Emergency Fund" to nearly $13 million.

It was a personal feat for Grande, too. The singer's manager, Scooter Braun, told Billboard magazine that at first he doubted the show could even happen.

"From the moment the idea [of the benefit concert] came, I was very obsessed with it...[but] I had to slow my mind down because Ariana ... didn’t know if she could ever go on stage again. And then two days after, she called me and she goes, 'Look, I need to do something ... if I don’t do something, I feel like they might have died in vain,'" he said. "Her courage and bravery is just amazing."

Braun added, "The city of Manchester was the hero of the show."