Madonna Slams Rumors That She Was Drunk on Stage

PHOTO: Madonna jokes around and drinks on stage during her show in Melbourne, March 14, 2016.PlaySplash News
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Madonna has fired back at reports that claim she was drunk on stage during the Australian leg of her Rebel Heart Tour.

"Thanks for supporting me. Too bad people don't know the art of acting and playing a character," the pop star, 57, wrote next to a screenshot of a Facebook post from a supportive fan named Remington Graves. "I could never do any of my shows high or drunk."

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on Mar 14, 2016 at 9:33pm PDT

In her live show, Madonna plays a character who takes a drink onstage.

Graves noted that, as a classically trained dancer, Madonna has always taken "meticulous" care of her body and would not be able to pull off her precise and intricately choreographed shows if she was drinking or doing drugs. Graves dismissed the latest media onslaught as "misogynistic."

In her response on Instagram, Madonna wrote, "And yes underlying all of this is sexism and mysongony [sic] which proves that not only do we not get equal pay but we are still treated like heretics if we step out of line and think outside the box! Sexism is alive and kicking but i am #livingforlove"

Other fans came to Madonna's defense as well.

"Madonna's show was spectacular!" one commenter who goes by pempie44 wrote on the singer's Instagram account. "She would never come out drunk or high. Her fans mean the world to her as does her Health!!"

"Madonna, we the TRUE fans know your mannerisms! Don't let the ignorance of others who don't know you get to you!" urrockangel12 commented on the star's Instagram. "They must be bored with their own lives and need someone to criticize! We love you Madonna!"

Madonna is currently undergoing a custody battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie over their teenage son, Rocco.

Madonna's rep has not returned ABC News' request for comment.