Why Jewel May Not Have Another Child

Someone in the family doesn't like to share, the singer admits.

April 22, 2014 — -- Jewel loves her son Kase, who turns 3 this summer, but the iconic singer is thinking one baby is enough.

"It hasn't happened yet ... we'll see," she said of having another child, adding she feels like her "eggs are in wheelchairs" at the moment.

In fact, the "Foolish Games" singer, 39, said her son probably doesn't want a baby brother or sister anyway.

"I don't think he likes to share," she joked.

She said that when the toddler goes to play at other kids' homes, he might get a bit jealous because "he doesn't want me to be [the other kids'] mommy."

Jewel's currently working on a new album to bookend her 1995 smash hit "Pieces of You," her first album and that Kase has been pretty involved in the process.

"He's been in the studio with me quite a bit lately and he enjoys it," she said. "If I'm not singing he can be in my lap and I can play with him. Between takes, he can run around the studio."

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The singer added that her son is a "sensitive, really sweet intuitive kid," and after doing "Ring of Fire" the movie, playing June Carter Cash, she would like to do more acting because the hours are great with weekends off, more time to spend her family, including her husband Ty Murray.

Family is something important to Jewel and not just her own.

Jewel spoke to ABC as ReThink Ambassador for a campaign set to rebrand how people see public housing.

"It really is about rethinking our assumptions," she said. "The stereotypes we have of what public housing is."

She said people assume it's for lazy people, that it's dangerous and a free ride.

"I grew up and some of my best friends were in public housing," she said, adding that families, veterans and the elderly make up a large portion of who lives there.

Now through May 14, you can go to ReThinkHousing.org and submit a short essay or photo illustrating why housing matters. After a national vote, the top 10 perspectives will serve as inspiration for Jewel as she creates a new song about housing.