Mark Wahlberg Wants to Push the 'Religious Aspects' of Christmas at Home

PHOTO: Mark Wahlberg appears on Live! With Kelly and Michael, Dec. 12, 2014.PlayLorenzo Bevilaqua/Disney-ABC
WATCH Mark Wahlberg's Plans for Christmas

For many people, the holiday season is all about gift-giving.

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Not for Mark Wahlberg.

"I've been trying to push the religious aspect of Christmas a little more," he said during an appearance on "Live with Kelly and Michael." "No gifts and go to church."

However, he laughed that his wife, Rhea Durham, who "loves, loves the holidays," has nixed that idea. Instead, the Wahlbergs, who attend church regularly, will be celebrating at home, before taking a trip to Barbados.

"I was thinking of going somewhere cold, [with] the snow, and let the kids sled and snowboard," he said. "My wife said that would be the end of our marriage. She's from Florida. She only likes warm weather! I'm happy taking her where ever she wants to go."

He's also game to sit for a family photo shoot. Durham asked Wahlberg, 43, and their three young children to take photso for the family's annual Christmas card, which the actor showed off during his time on the show.

"She does it every year," he noted. "It's a big deal."