Meet John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's New 3-Legged Puppy Penny

PHOTO: John Legend shared this adorable photo of his new pup captioned; "Meet our newest family member, Penny!" to his Instagram account, June 8, 2014.Playjohnlegend/Instagram
WATCH Chrissy Teigen and Hubby John Legend Welcome New Pup

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend already have two adorable pups. Apparently, that wasn't enough.

The supermodel and her Grammy-winning husband decided to adopt an adorable three-legged puppy named Penny and she is about as cute as they get.

"NEW FAMILY MEMBER ALERT!! She is our new little tripod lovebug. Yes. She has 3 legs WHICH IS MORE THAN YOU OKAY," Teigen posted on Twitter.

Teigen also explained how Penny won their hearts.

"I won't get too into it but let's just say her first family were buttheads and we are happy to shower her with love for the rest of time!" she wrote.

Penny joins Puddy and Miss Pippa, an English Bulldog and French Bulldog, respectively.

Loos as if Puddy instantly took to his new friend.

And of course, so did Teigen. The Sports Illustrated cover girl couldn't be happier.