Montreal Canadiens Hockey Team Sing Festive 'Let It Go' Rendition

Players from the NHL team reluctantly sing the hit song from "Frozen."

— -- This rendition of Frozen's hit song is bound to warm your heart.

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And despite what you may think, getting the team to play along wasn’t a case of their coach telling them they had to participate.

“Our guys are good sports and understand a lot of what we do on the content front is completely absurd and meant to be irreverent,” Jon Trzcienski, executive director of marketing, wrote to ABC News. “Despite some appearing more into it than others, even the most deadpan guys would crack up about it after the fact. You see a bit of that in musical interludes during the video.”

The result is pure Internet gold.

“We figured, ‘Why not have our guys do a recording of a popular song that appeals to a completely different audience than what we normally reach – that still can tie into the holidays - and see how the public at large responds?,’” said Trzcienski.

Safe to say the public is pleased with the icy result.

*Disney is the parent company of ABC News.