By the Numbers: Business of Celeb Babies

VIDEO: Paula Faris discusses details about the celebrity couple's pregnancy.

The big payday for pregnant celebrities who sell the first images of their babies is just the best-known example of "the business of the bump." From clothes to shows and even ultrasounds of the growing fetus, there is big money to be made, as long as you have enough star power to cash in on.

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$1 million

The estimated going rate for Kim Kardashian's ultrasound photos worldwide, according to Los Angeles paparazzo Frank Griffin.

$2 million - $5 million

Griffin's estimate of worldwide value of the first Kardashian-Kanye West baby pictures.

1 Photo Lens

What the doctor who delivered Jessica Simpson accepted in lieu of normal payment, according to Simpson's father, Joe Simpson.

In 1980, Joe Simpson brought his camera into the delivery room so he could photograph his daughter's birth.

"The doctor said, 'I really like that lens,'" Joe Simpson said. "We didn't have any money, because we didn't have any insurance, so I actually traded him the lens for Jessica's birth."

9 pounds + 3 ounces = $800,000

Jessica Simpson's baby, Maxwell, weighed this much when she was born, earning a reported $800,000+ in photo fees.

$3 million - $4 million

The estimated size of Jessica Simpson's contract with Weight Watchers to appear in an ad campaign centered on losing her baby weight.

$11 million

How much People magazine shelled out for shots of Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt's debut. reported a range of $11 million to $15 million.

$6 million

For Jennifer Lopez's first snapshots of her twins, she reportedly earned this much.

$3 million

Payment for Matthew McConaughey's baby pictures, TMZ reported.

$1.5 million

Christina Aguilera's reported haul for her baby pics.


When Playmate Kendra Wilkinson shocked the world with her pregnancy and changed her personal brand.


Amount Beyonce and Jay-Z received after posting the first public image of their daughter, Blue Ivy, on Tumblr.

$10 million - $50 million

Paparazzo Frank Griffin's estimate of what an exclusive photo of Kate Middleton with her baby might fetch.


Griffin's estimate of the chance such a sale might occur.

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