Creator of 'Hamilton,' the Musical, Reacts to Treasury Announcement on $20 Bill

PHOTO: President Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill, left, Harriet Tubman, right.PlayGetty Images
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You will soon be seeing a new face on your paper money.

Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20 bill, a Treasury Department spokesman said today.

The redesign follows an initiative to redesign the $10 bill, which will keep Alexander Hamilton on the front, but have new images of the leaders of the suffrage movement on the back, Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew announced today.

Although the decision to keep Hamilton on the $10 bill was made prior to the Broadway smash hit "Hamilton, the Musical," Lew told ABC News today that he thinks the show is "very complementary to what we are doing" with the redesign project.

"It has brought history back into common conversation," Lew said.

He also met with "Hamilton's" creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, during the cast's visit to D.C.

Following the announcement, Miranda took to Twitter to express his excitement over the coming changes.

Moreover, the response to the decision to replace the face of the former president with the iconic abolitionist has been predominantly positive. These are some notable reactions to the new "Tubman 20."

The announcement also sparked the public's curiosity about the famed abolitionist who helped rescue slaves. According to Google, searches for "Harriet Tubman," who died in 1913, spiked 4,250 percent in the four hours following the announcement.

ABC News’ Stephanie Ebbs contributed to this report.