Will Posing for Playboy Help or Hurt Lindsay Lohan?

VIDEO: Did Lindsey Lohan Pose Nude in Playboy?

Lindsay Lohan may have found a solution for her money woes and floundering career: Pose nude for Playboy.

The starlet was photographed entering the Playboy mansion Monday, a day before TMZ broke the news that she had made a deal to pose nude for nearly $1 million.

Asked if the reports were true, Lohan's rep told ABCNews.com, "We are not confirming reports that Lindsay is posing for Playboy magazine."

But her mom, Dina Lohan, seemed to let the news slip when she told X17online, "The photo shoot went well."

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But will it help jump-start her career?

This would actually be Lohan's second time posing nude. The first time was in 2008 when she restaged a series of famed photographs of Marilyn Monroe for New York magazine. The magazine's online traffic jumped significantly but Lohan didn't see much improvement in her career and her negative rating for celebrity likability actually increased.

Other than easing her financial situation -- Lohan's lawyer recently told a court she couldn't afford counseling -- it's not clear how a Playboy spread will help her.

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Kim Basinger

Back when she was starting out as a Bond girl, Kim Basinger posed on the cover of Playboy and in a pictorial as well.

Basinger said the publicity earned from Playboy landed her a role in "The Natural," for which she earned a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actress. She went on to win the Oscar for playing a prostitute in "L.A. Confidential."

LaToya Jackson

When LaToya Jackson posed topless for Playboy magazine in March 1989, she saw it as a declaration of independence from her conservative upbringing.

"I posed nude to show my parents they couldn't dictate to me anymore -- that I control my life," she told Ebony magazine in 1992.

The issue sold eight million copies and became one of Playboy's biggest sellers, turning Jackson into an overnight sex symbol.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron also appeared nude in Playboy before her career took off.

After the pictures were published in the May 1999, Theron later sued the photographer, claiming the pictures, taken during her early modeling days, were for private use.

She won the suit and came out on top, because the pictures' existence gave her greater exposure. They eventually led to her Oscar-winning role in "Monster."

Joan Collins

Joan Collins broke new ground when she posed nude for Playboy well into her 40s at the height of her "Dynasty" fame.

Her nude layout was considered controversial at the time, but it opened the doors for older actresses to pose for Playboy.

Farrah Fawcett

Among the older actresses for whom Joan Collins may have paved the way was the most popular pinup model of the '70s, the original "Charlie's Angels" star, Farrah Fawcett.

Fawcett appeared on the cover of Playboy at the height of her popularity but didn't disrobe for the magazine until many years later, at age 50. The issue, which became a top seller, led to her critically acclaimed role in "The Apostle."

Dannii Minogue

Australian singer-actress Dannii Minogue posed for Playboy in 1995, but broke into tears in 2009 when she admitted to Piers Morgan that she did it for the money.

Minogue said she owed more than 150,000 British pounds but was too proud to turn to her older sister Kylie Minogue for help.

"I never wanted to admit the trouble I was in," she said. "I should have been looking at my finances."

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