'Pretty Little Liars' Summer Finale: Who Is 'A' and the Biggest Reveals

Get a full recap of the shocking summer finale, including the 8 biggest moments.

August 12, 2015, 9:12 AM

— -- WARNING: If you haven't watched Tuesday night's summer finale of "Pretty Little Liars," there are major spoilers for the episode and the entire series below.


After five long years, we found out everything we’ve ever wanted to know during the “Pretty Little Liars” season 6 summer finale.

In “Game Over, Charles,” Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields and Hanna Marin head to the Carissimi Group with Mona Vanderwaal and Sara Harvey in search of Alison DiLaurentis, who went missing at prom.

After the four pretty little liars and Mona are locked inside a secret room, “A,” the character who has been sending threatening messages to the liars throughout the series, finally tells all.From who is “A” to who is the girl in the red coat, check out the biggest reveals from the finale below:

1. Who Is ‘A’?

As the liars and Mona watch from a live feed, Alison talks to a mysterious figure in a black hoodie at a room at Radley Sanitarium. The figure turns around, and everyone finally comes face to face with ‘A,’ who turns out to be CeCe Drake. CeCe, who was born Charles DiLaurentis, explains that she loved her sister Alison from the moment their parents brought her home and never meant to drown Alison when she was a baby.

2. How Did Charles Become CeCe/Charlotte?

Charles grew up wanting to wear dresses and played dress up in their mom’s closet. After their parents brought Charles to Radley, Mrs. DiLaurentis brought Charles the same outfits that she bought for Alison. Mr. DiLaurentis rarely visited and didn’t accept Charles as a girl. After he got older, Charles and Mrs. DiLaurentis had a funeral for Charles. Charles became Charlotte, and when she met her brother Jason DiLaurentis, she introduced herself as CeCe.

3. Who Killed Toby’s Mom Mrs. Cavanaugh?

For seven years, CeCe said she was almost completely alone at Radley except for Bethany Young. One night, the two were sitting on the roof while CeCe, then Charles, was wearing a dress. Toby Cavanaugh’s mom, who was a patient at Radley, also came onto the roof. Charles asked Bethany to distract Mrs. Cavanaugh so she couldn’t see him in a dress, and Bethany pushed Mrs. Cavanaugh off the roof. Bethany claimed Charles killed Mrs. Cavanaugh, and Mrs. DiLaurentis helped to cover it up.

4. Who Knocked Alison Unconscious the Night Her Mom Buried Her Alive?

The night Mrs. DiLaurentis buried Alison alive, CeCe said Bethany wanted to hurt Mrs. DiLaurentis, so she hit Alison with a rock thinking it was Bethany. Mrs. DiLaurentis buried Alison thinking she was dead, and she never forgave CeCe for it.

5. Who Killed Bethany?

Mona admits she wanted to kill Alison because of how much she had berated her. Mona killed Bethany the same night Alison was buried alive because she thought Bethany was Alison.

6. Why Did CeCe Join the A Team?

When Mona was at Radley, she was on medications so strong that she thought CeCe was Alison. Mona told Alison everything about the four liars. Later, Mona and CeCe made a deal that if Mona helped CeCe escape Radley, CeCe would help her with the game. Her first assignment was to make friends in Rosewood.

7. Who Is Red Coat?

It turns out CeCe hired Sara Harvey to be the other red coat when CeCe needed her to be. The liars and Mona see that Sara is wearing a red coat at Radley and preparing to set off explosives to blow up the sanitarium.

8. Who Is the Black Widow at Officer Wilden’s Funeral?

After CeCe killed Officer Wilden when he found out Alison was alive, she sent Sara to make sure he was dead. Sara was the woman dressed in black at his funeral.

But despite finally coming face to face with ‘A,’ unanswered questions still remain. We’ll have to wait until the winter premiere to learn who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis and who is the “he” during the five years forward preview.

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