Prince Harry and Michelle Obama surprise students at Chicago public school

The British royal and former first lady surprise kids in Chicago's South Side.

“The warm and wide-ranging conversation, lasting over an hour, covered how the Obama Presidential Center will showcase the South Side of Chicago for a global audience, the importance of young people staying inspired and hopeful, and the transformative power of students using their voices to change the world,” Caroline Adler Morales, the former first lady’s communications director, said in a statement provided to ABC News.

Prince Harry has joined former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for the Inaugural Summit of the Obama Foundation today in Chicago, Illinois. During a discussion panel at the event this evening, Harry opened up about how he came to understand his role of public service.

"What happened to my mother put me a step back," Harry said. "How could someone like her, who did so much ... be treated that way?"

Harry went on to say that his time in the military helped him understand the concepts of "service and duty." He added that he now wants to use his platform to "normalize the discussion of mental health."

At the event, the prince shared the stage with a young representative from the Chicago-based mentoring program After School Matters, and a young leader from the Full Effect mentorship program in Nottingham, England, that Harry works with publicly and privately to provide opportunities and prevent young people from engaging in crime.

Michelle Obama wanted to highlight some of the future leaders at Hyde Park Academy who are inspiring their generation and will participate in the Obama Foundation’s work.

The public high school serves a predominantly African-American population in the area and focuses on career preparation and college advancement. Barack Obama visited Hyde Park Academy in 2013 to meet with students involved in their "Becoming a Man program."

The former first lady headlined the opening ceremony at the 2016 Invictus Games in Orlando with Harry.

Harry and William both made visits to the White House during the Obama administration. Michelle Obama and Jill Biden pitched in, joining Harry to announce the U.S. launch of the Invictus Games in October 2015 with the first lady teasing Harry about his heartthrob status and asking Harry if the U.K. was ready to "bring it" to the Invictus Games.