Priyanka Chopra talks playing the villain in new 'Baywatch' movie

"Baywatch" hits theaters this Thursday.

— -- Priyanka Chopra is making her Hollywood movie debut in the new "Baywatch" film.

The actress appeared live on "Good Morning America" today and admitted it was fun playing a villain.

"I've played negative characters in my Indian films a couple of times but I think what was cool here was Victoria, my character was written for a guy, initially," Chopra told Robin Roberts. "It was called 'Victor Lee.' Victoria's so much better...secondly, she's such a proud feminist and strong character."

The "Quantico" star said she and her mom used to watch the original "Baywatch" series on television.

"It was one of my mom's favorite shows and when the music starts in the beginning...I remember that used to be our queue to jump to the couch and be like, 'Oh my God, it's starting,'" she recalled.

"I believe that's what America looked like for the longest time," Chopra joked. "Nobody had jobs, everybody was hanging out at the beach, everyone was blonde and in great shape."

"Baywatch" hits theaters this Thursday.