Priyanka Chopra's First-Ever Acting Audition Was for 'Quantico'

"My hands are getting sweaty thinking about it," she joked.

— -- Priyanka Chopra had never auditioned for any acting gigs until "Quantico," even though she's been in more than 50 movies.

But because auditioning was such a new experience for Chopra, she admits it was quite nerve-wracking.

“When I picked ‘Quantico’ as a script, I had to meet them and they had to meet me and I had to do a reading. I had never been in a stare-out room with seven people sitting there and had to perform. It was such a weird thing for an actor to do. I mean, I can make a complete idiot out of myself in front of 80,000 people on stage, but that is a moment which is like, my hands are getting sweaty thinking about it.”

“So I talked to myself, completely cliché, in the bathroom before and said, ‘You’ve done 50 movies. What’s wrong with you?’ And I went in there, did my thing, and I got the job,’” she added.

Now the hit show is embarking on its second season, which premieres this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

“This show is known for its twists,” said Underwood. “When you see the show on Sunday night, do not miss the last 30 seconds. And then we’ll talk about it Monday morning.”