'Quantico' star Priyanka Chopra on her friend Meghan Markle's royal wedding

Chopra explained why she believes Markle will be a “princess for the people.”

Chopra spoke fondly today of Markle, whom she met at an event three years ago, explaining why she believes the actress will be a "princess for the people."

"The world really needs strong role models. Young girls need strong role models who are real, who are relatable. And, she is really one of those people who always cared about the world!" Chopra said.

"It's such a life-changing moment for ... well, both of them!" she said. "More than that, for her. She's one of us! ... To go into that life, that level of crazy. ... The people following you. Your life is under a microscope all the time."

"Who zoomed in so much?" Chopra said, jokingly, on the show today. She explained it was an evil eye bracelet.

"No, guys, I'm not married! ... When I do get married, the world will know!" she said.

"[She] is epic and amazing and such a cool chick," Chopra said. "She's taught me all the bad words in ASL (American Sign Language), which is really fun!"

"He was the bane of my life growing up," Chopra said of Apu. "I was always asked while I was in high school at 14, 15, why I didn't speak like that? ... Or did I find gold in my rivers? Did we go to school on elephants?"

"Everyone looked yellow except Apu. That made him stand out completely!" she said. "Plus he had that accent. We don't all speak like that all the time!"

When the show premiered in 1989, Chopra said, it was "path-breaking."

"There was no other Indian characters," she said. "He was the only Indian representation on television and film."

Chopra told "The View" co-hosts today why she thought the calls for change in his character were now coming to a head.

"The voice is louder. The representation and the demand for representation for people of color is louder!" Chopra said. "It is a time where we try to erase stereotypes. ... Yes, it's a cartoon. Yes, it's a pop-culture, super-successful show but that gives it more responsibility!"